Published On: Sun, Jun 11th, 2017

The Merchant Called Nnamdi Kanu And His 2019 Senatorial Ambition – Frank Eze

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My dear brothers and sisters, the agitations for Biafra is a hoax. Nnamdi Kenny Okwu Kanu is another Tompolo, Asari Dokubo, Ateke Tom, Abubakar Shekau, Ganiyu Adams, Femi Fani Kayode and many other political merchants and “smart” Nigerians who have mastered the art of holding government by the jugular.
We hail them as heroes, we see them as liberators. But today they are all billionaires as they fizzle out of the scene to enjoy their wealth or get elected into political positions or secure political appointments. They suddenly become part of the establishment, while the causes they claimed to be fighting inherently remain with us.”
Nigeria is indeed a very interesting country. The many imbalances in our economic, political, and religious structures have always evolved “messiahs” of some sort.
Unfortunately the youths have been at the mercies of these merchants and their deceptive antics. From the Niger Delta Militancy to Boko Haram Insurgency, men and women who claimed to be fighting for justice have been found to be nothing but merchants taking advantage of our collective heritage. Nnamdi Kanu is the new boy on the block. He has proved to be a master of the game.
With well oiled deception and propaganda machinery he has become the latest “hero” in town. He promised us eldorado in his so called Biafra Republic. He called Nigeria a zoo, and its inhabitant’s baboons. He talked about political marginalization, convincing us on why we must all jettison Nigeria for Biafra. For once in my adult life, I was tempted to see reasons with Kanu. Why? Because Ralph Uwazuirike was a scam, a self-serving agitator whose god is his belly. I therefore resigned to fate that all Biafran agitators are nothing but merchants desperate to sell their wares to the leadership of the Nigerian state; they want a chunk of the national cake.
I couldn’t have been convinced by MASSOB and its affiliates who dominated the South-East for about ten (10) years, until the “ninja man” Kanu appeared on the scene. He started as being part of a larger MASSOB agitation, broadcasting propaganda materials from the United Kingdom through the infamous Biafra Radio. But gradually but stealthingly, MASSOB was dethroned, Unwazuirike had had his fair share of the national cake; as Kanu sold himself as the new man to lead the charge.
Indeed, Kanu was smart. He added something unique to Unwazuirike’s gruff approach – Judaism, the opium of the Igbo people. Presenting himself as a Judaist, Kanu knew he will consolidate on the fairytale that the Igbos shares the same ancestry with Israel. So this is how I fell for the Kanu’s sham. So while he was in custody, I joined in the agitation calling for his release. From Aba to Enugu, I fought hard and availed my contributions in the campaign for his release. I was at the Federal High Court, Abuja, many times. Staged series of protests between the Unity Fountain and Federal Secretariat countless times; and led various social media campaigns on why Kanu must be free. Fortunately, freedom came at last!!! Kanu was granted bail. But that is where my problem began.
Suddenly, Kanu moved from being a freedom fighter to a political power house. Politicians, business moguls, and religious leaders lined up and paid their way to have audience with him. The social media is littered with pictures of those who had the “rare privilege” of securing audience with the IPOB leader. Even Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State paid his way by offering Nnamdi Kanu $50,000 and two Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) as political patronage, which Kanu gladly accepted as gifts. On his part, Rochas Okorocha, is wooing Kanu to declare his membership of APC.
The Imo State Governor has also promised him the party’s senatorial ticket come 2019, and a cash-backing of N50 Million. All these are going on while credulous poor men, women and children who don’t have much to give Kanu but their unalloyed support kneel before the IPOB leader to receive some forms of spiritual blessings. INDEED KANU IS A SMART CROOK. While these gullible men and women keep the agitation alive in their hearts, Kanu has already positioned himself as the godfather of Igbo politics ahead of 2019. He has suddenly become powerful than all the South-East Governors put together. From Enugu to Owerri, Kanu will surely have a say on who eventually emerges as Governor, Senator, and Member of the House of Representatives; himself already sure of a Senatorial seat at the National Assembly. Wao! Nigeria My Country! Just few years ago, the name Nnamdi Kanu did not ring a bell in the entire Igbo land. He was just another hustler in the United Kingdom trying to make ends meet. But today, Kanu is at the very top, dinning and winning with the great and mighty, while his naive foot soldiers hope in vain for that day when Biafra shall be free.

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