Published On: Sat, Nov 4th, 2017

Nordica Fertility @ 5: Completes 1,000 IVF Cycles

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Celebrating its five years of delivering high professional practices, Dr. Arati Sohoni, Nordica Fertility Centre, Abuja, has disclosed that it has so far completed over 1, 000 IVF cycles.

Addressing newsmen in the nation capital yesterday, Dr. Sohoni urged couples to seek medical help as early as possible if the wife could not achieve pregnancy within six months of their marriage.

The medical expert decried that couples should not wait for three or four years before they seek medical assistance or advice.

Highlighting reasons why some couples are unable to achieve pregnancy, Dr. Sohoni said male or female factor can contribute to infertility such as: block tubes, fibroid, ovulatory dysfunction, low sperm count, sexually transmitted diseases and others.

‘’Our success rates are very high and we are comparable to the best clinics in the world and all our doctors, consultants, medical professionals are trained abroad and we have all the latest technology available on ground in Abuja as well at all our centres across the country.

‘’Urging men to avert wearing tight jeans and underwear she said, ‘’ testis are placed in the scrotum and not inside the human body, hence, temperature tends to rise and that can harm the sperm and sperm production as well, so we recommend that men should not wear tight undies avoid sedimentary lifestyle like smoking, alcohol consumption.

‘’Using laptops also can affect, male fertility, in fact there was a recent study that advice men not to use laptops on top of their laps for more than one hour because of the heat. The study shows that immediately after using the laptop, they check the semen of some selected men and analyse the semen, which shows lots of dead sperm,’’ Dr. Sohoni said.

She added that there are no major health implications using fertility drugs, adding that the fertility drugs the health centre administer are safe.

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